Embrace the freshness of spring with our exclusive bonus offer! Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the platform, this limited-time promotion is designed to enhance your gaming experience. Read on to discover how you can claim extra cash and maximize your rewards.

  1. Claim Your Exclusive Bonus:

    • Embrace Spring, Breeze of Flowers, and Sea!
    • Deposit an amount over 300 pesos during April.
    • Once the deposit is successful, you’ll receive an extra cashback equal to 15% of the deposit amount.
    • For example, if you deposit ₱1000, your balance will be ₱1150 (₱1000 + ₱150).
  2. Important Note:

    • This bonus is exclusive and can be claimed only once.
    • Turnover: The wager will be 3 times the total amount.
    • For instance, if you deposit ₱1000, the needed wager will be ₱3450 (₱1000 * 3 + ₱150 * 3).
    • Please conscientiously respect the platform rules and maintain a healthy and fair gaming society. Any malicious violations may result in the related bonus being cleared.